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Compassion Fatigue Therapy - Because you deserve care too!
Healthcare Workers


Compassion Fatigue therapy sessions available

for individuals and groups.

This is styled to both prevent and also to assist recovery from Compassion Fatigue
(aka Vicarious Trauma)

You've Come To The Right Place

It is important to establish healthy rules, boundaries and limitations and to be able to effectively create and utilise the ability to effectively compartmentalise in a way that doesn't limit our empathy or compassion - but does allow healthy boundaries to be in place to ensure we all stay healthy.

I help volunteers and other professionals who may suffer from trauma & Compassion Fatigue.

From first responders, those from emergency services, through to those in the caring services and therapeutic services fields for humans and also for animal care and rescue services.


I also assist many volunteers who also deserve support, plus the close family and friends and others in support care of those who may be chronically ill, or dying,


I work with all these groups & individuals to help to identify, create,  establish and utilise healthier self care processes.

It is important to remember - we can all better serve others - when we first ensure we have been able to self care well.

I am here to assist you.

You deserve care and support too!

Always remember this.

I am available to discuss your situation - just email or call me to start this process.

0412-412-881      email:

Compassion Fatigue may be a problem to address if you are in one or many of the following groups:

SES, Volunteer Firefighters, Fire & Rescue, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff, Ambulance & Paramedics, Veterinarians, Vet Nurses, Vet Techs, Animal Rescuers, Aged Care Workers, Social Workers, Therapists,  Charitable Organization Workers, Support Care Services Workers, NFP Workers & Staff. 


Anyone in support of NDIS Community,

Anyone who is in Family Care, Palliative Care Staff,

The community of/& family & Friends of the disadvantaged,

The community of/& family & Friends of the Chronically Ill,

The community of/& family & Friends of the dying, 

& many more....


No matter who you are, or what you do - Everyone deserves good care and support and to be able to establish healthy rules, boundaries and limitations designed to support you and keep you safe.

Compassion Fatigue is also referred to as Emotional Burnout, Emotional Exhaustion,  Burnout and other terms - so if you, or anyone you know may be suffering from a form of burnout


- please seek help -


you deserve care and support and the skills to assist you stop

and prevent any kind of emotional exhaustion and burnout!

Not sure if you or someone you care about is suffering from Compassion Fatigue?  - Watch these explanations provided as a link here:

Woman in Uniform
Dog at Vet
Holding Hands
Feeding Newborn Kitten
Bible Study Group
Koala Bear
Back of a group of volunteers
Doctor's Visit
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