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What causes sleep anxiety?

Updated: Apr 9

For those who find it hard to fall asleep, or find it hard to have a restful restorative sleep, the art of sleeping well is one they desire, but may feel is out of their grasp.

Difficultly in falling asleep, staying asleep, or going back to sleep can happen anytime, they can be temporary situations and occasionally some may find they are more frequent or clustered periods of sleep disturbance.

There are a many reasons for disturbed sleep as there are unique people and factors that combined can contribute.

The good news is that sleeping, they way we sleep, and how we sleep is just a pattern of behaviour. Like any pattern, once you start doing it, repeating that process, it can become more entrenched. So - how would you like to be able to change a behaviour that doesn't work for you?

Would you like to discover the way to change what doesn't work for you - to get unstuck? Would you like to have improved sleep and and get more energy and clearer thinking? Well if any of the questions I asked can be answered with a "Yes" - then perhaps it is time to contact me to find out how... I am here to help and have helped others just like you too!

I look forward to helping you too!

All my best,

Kerry M: 0412-412-881

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