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How does time occur for you?

Is time something you use well, or do you think time is something you run short of? Time is something finite for us all. We measure time, and we know there are times we set aside for certain tasks, like work, like study, like sport.. We make appointments, we know we are expected to turn up and we know there are times when we need to go and be and do something else.

But have you ever thought about how engaged you are , right now, in this space and place in time you find yourself? So many times we may be somewhere, but not be fully present in the moment.

So as you go about your daily work, or activities, how often would you observe your relationship to time? Have you ever observed, that often, we love doing something, time flies. Conversely, when you are doing something you like less, time may appear to drag on and on.. the difference ? only your frame - what we often refer to as our perception of time, is directly related to how you see that time being used.

One thing we can be sure of, when we focus on what we are doing, in the moment we are doing it, then we can feel more alive and more attached to what we are doing. I ask of you, to do a little experiment with time.

Next time you want to savour a moment, enjoy a time, then allow yourself to breath deeply and well, to really focus on the moment and hold it in your minds eye as something to enjoy - right now. Then sometime later, recall that moment in all its vivid colour, sight, sound and smell.. And you can have your memory - and recall this as you wish.

You don't need necessarily need a photo, because your minds senses are so much richer and fuller than any digital memory. Live each moment in the present and have time occur for you, in a way that you desire.

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