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Pets can be therapeutic, 

Pets can also come with challenges

I work with people and their pets for great outcomes, quickly
As a therapist for humans, and as a worker & volunteer in the animal welfare world for over 30 years


I have proven results in helping families with)

Family Dynamics Therapy
for Pet Behavioural work


Family Based Pet Therapy 

- Dog Behavioural Work - 

Family based pet therapy available for you and your family and your dog  (& other pets)

These sessions are based on the dynamics that influence

your pets,  dogs,  behaviour.


Often your pet /  dogs behaviour is a barometer for

what is going on in your life.
When your dog is behaving in ways that concern you

I can help.

You may have tried dog / pet training at your home or off site,

you may have tried behavioural modification by many means, 

you may have tried to you wits end, and your budgets expense 

and still not have any signification improvement.


This is a point where you may feel despondent or desperate


Please contact me immediately so we can have a chat to make some

important distinctions so you can see how I will help 

As a qualified therapist for humans,

who has a passion for animals,

where I have worked professionally and as a volunteer,

with humans and their animals for many years, 

where I understand how the human/pet/family dynamics work, 

Plus - know how to help you with these to gain knowledge and skills yourself

where these dynamics can be managed and improved

Yes - I can help you.

 I have been actively involved with animal rescue for over 30 years


I have been successfully assisting families integrate healthy,

appropriate family dynamics with pets for all that time.


I can help you to have amazing outcomes for you, your whole family,

including your pets behaviour from the first session.


  Here are a few testimonials to what I can do... read on...

Testimonial - Barb M Y - Manly NSW

" I love what U do! .. It is wonderful -

I have worked with ppl but this really moved me. 

Helped me to see how energy (i.e. our sadness has affected our family).

It's great.  Little Honey is truly a blessing. 

Happy to recommend you - it's truly great work for all the family"

Testimonial - Tanya -  Canterbury NSW

" Hi Kerry, I am so grateful to you for your help and immense patience in dealing with Maggie.  She really is a wild child.   I really can't put it into words, other than to say a very big and genuine thank you, as I know what a handful she can be. 

We strongly recommend the services of Kerry, as she have helped us with all aspects of  training, day to day behavioural management.


We have an extremely challenging young border collie X, who was running the family before Kerry became involved.

Kerry has offered us immense support in working through some of the behavioural problems, and given us great advice. 


Kerry's patience, and skill has allowed us to solve some current problems

(barking, snapping, jumping, and general destruction)

and can even identify what issues we will need to address next. 


I swear she knows what Maggie thinks, before she even thinks it!

Maggie was challenging, difficult and completely unmotivated by either food, or walks.  This had posed a big challenge for us in trying to encourage her to train and listen to us.   We have been so impressed with how Kerry understands and manages Maggie's difficult and constantly challenging behaviour, and all the while with immense patience. 


Maggie used to be so high energy and high anxiety. 


 We strongly recommend Kerry's work for people whose pets which become fretful when separated from their owners.

Please give us a text, email or phone if you get a gap in your diary, Kerry, for some further sessions of doggie boot camp. 

Testimonial - Ida-  Belfield  NSW

" Thanks so much Kerry. 

Roxy is doing well and is such a relaxed, as much as she can be, dog. 


When I searched the internet to find a pet behaviorist for my beautiful

Japanese Spitz Roxy,  I never thought I would find a friendly,

helpful, understanding, highly passionate animal lover as Kerry. 


Within minutes I could tell how much she knew about animal behaviour

and how much she loved them, just in her voice. 


I was not disappointed when I asked her to come and meet Roxy

and maybe help me with some behavourial issues we were experiencing.


When she arrived we had the best time discussing what was

going on with Roxy and why she did the things she did,

almost pre-empting what Roxy was doing as a consequence to

my actions and tone of my voice.  


Within minutes Kerry had Roxy doing exactly what ‘I’ wanted her to do

and thus making me more confident and Roxy more relaxed. 


You have to understand what Roxy was like,

very hyper, extremely sensitive to loud noises and a real excitable dog

when it came to her daily walks.  


She now waits for  me to put her collar & leash on without a fuss,

stops barking after only telling her once or twice to ‘be quiet’,

and sits at the back door before coming in to the house,

where before she would jump and bark and cry for a long while

before she would settle down. I could go on and on and on…but I won’t.


  Experience it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.  

Kerry is such a lovely, approachable and honest person

I would highly recommend her and her business to

anyone wanting help with their pets.

Testimonial - Hudson - Inner West Sydney

(Phone consult results)

Hello Kerry,

I just thought I’d let you know how Molly and her owners

are going after your advice last year.


Now I don’t want to jinx myself, but she hasn’t dug a whole for several weeks now.


Her routine has definitely improved and her place in the pecking order is now clearer.

I am walking her (almost) every evening and she is spending

much more time in the house with us all.


Our youngest is now walking and both the kids just love to play with her

– as best a three and one year old can.


Our tiled floors are nice and cool in the summer too so she likes that.

When walking she heels most of the time and responds to a stern word if she pulls

(except when a cat is involved).  


I took your advice about the order of things (and hierarchy)

of walking through doors etc,

and she now sits before eating,

without me even saying a word.

I don’t always feel like going off on a walk a night,

but it’s better than filling in holes every weekend,

and once underway it’s quite relaxing.

So I don’t want to get ahead of myself,

but I do want to thank you for your advice.

It has made a big difference to Molly’s quality of life

and as a result, our garden.


And we have learnt a good lesson too.

With thanks, Hudson.


Testimonial - Margaret D - Belmore 


KERRY, visited my house on 22nd September,

to advise me on how to manage my foster dog Benjie

who was very aggressive towards visitors, usually men,

and he also had a huge a barking problem.

Kerry gave me lots of advice and it has certainly helped - a lot.

She also helped me with my other foster dog,

Little Miss, and My two dogs.

Kerry was professional at all times and

I am very grateful for the time she spent with us.

As a rescue organisation we get a lot of dogs

with problems  and to have someone

like Kerry who will take the time to help us is just fantastic.


Margaret D

Testimonial - Ralph & Marilyn (Earlwood – Juno & Anita - Malamute)

Dear Kerrie,

I have still been using your instructions at home &

when I touch him gently just before I walk out onto

the deck  with his food, he now hesitates to rush out before me.


If he does try his luck, I call him back & we try the touch,

command & go sequence again. It works well.

Also we had an exchange student here last week &

I instructed him to ignore the dogs & use ‘blocking’ movements

with the hand if they nudged him.


He did this repeatedly & eventually they gave up trying

to nudge him. This was very successful.

Usually when I walk either dog I find the use of a short leash,

frequent touching to reinforce my clear commands

and praise works  very well.

I was quite impressed with the amount of detailed information

about dog behaviour & the generous amount of time

you put into your lessons with our dogs.


It is now possible for us to walk the dogs in convoy at the same time,

something we have not been able to do since Anita grew up.

Your lessons have given me much encouragement and

I would be happy to have further sessions when

I am well enough to walk with the dogs again.

Regards,  Marilyn C 

Testimonial - Carmen G - Newtown


Kerry Bailey was caring and accommodating every step of the way,

offering advice on various concerns I had about Meg.

Meg, who before Kerry's help, USED to be so aggressive,

a very big powerful girl, who would charge at the door aggressively

when anyone walked past the front gate,

she hated all dogs and had many times pulled me off my feet on walks.


From our first session, I was amazed at how Kerry could clearly

demonstrate Meg was clearly 'reactive' due to anxiety,

but not knowing it was my anxiety she was reacting to.


Kerry demonstrated how she could manage Meg 

no pulling, no aggro, just a relaxed girl.

Kerry showed me how to release my own anxiety, 

how to improve the family dynamics, myself, my partner

and my child, so that Meg could be herself,

that then Meg could relax into being the calm happy

girl she always wanted to be...

Kerry even brought Meg a spare blanket she had ready for the op shop.


I felt the service was warm and personal from the start,

and was able to relax knowing we were all in caring and capable hands.

I now have peace of mind.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kerry to anyone

Carmen G - Newtown, 2042

Testimonial - Rebecca  V - Erskineville

Kerry has been known to me as a colleague over many years and I know her passion for animals and their welfare is undeniable. In fact, I know that Kerry has been able to use years of knowledge of pet care and behaviour management and just sheer animal health care and insight, gleaned from her many years as a pet owner, a pet rehabilitator and also from her work in animal rescue.

When I discovered issues with any of my pets (or my families pets) ,

 I have found that even a quick session with Kerry has helped me to understand

and successfully modify the family dynamics of the situation - quickly,

we see sustainable, long term changes, and the whole situation is 

happily sorted out, all of us happier and even safer 

after one or two sessions!

I know that Kerry provides the best most knowledgeable care to all, and 

recently when asked to help, quickly assisted my Chloe well.

Kerry is a well rounded therapist who helps with animal behaviour

and really loves and cares about animals.  

Testimonial - Gab L, Marrickville NSW

" I am passionate about the wellbeing of my housemates who don't pay rent, 

they are my family, but they don't always behave well, until I understood how to get the behaviour I needed from them. 


I met Kerry though animal rescue circles,

and I chose her to help me to learn how to get the best behaviour of my guys,

because I wanted a reliable, experienced and caring person who could help teach me,

this is exactly what I needed!

It was because having seen her in action, I was absolutely confident of her knowledge of and her ability to care for not only my cats, but virtually any other creature that she encounters 


I should note here that all of my furry family members are from a rescue situation,

therefore some are extremely shy of most humans.  


Kerry has patiently befriended them all, with her innate caring methods, the results are that my pets respond really well to her.   


Even to the point of medicating a cat who doesn't even like being touched - then showed me how to do it properly too!

Kerry knows animal health, animal body language and behaviour

and has even helped to assess environmental factors and risks and

even some recommendations on some dietary issues that have led to the

improved health & behaviour of my animal family overall. 


 Kerry goes beyond the normal range of care that you would generally expect.

I can sincerely recommend Kerry to anyone who needs help.  I trust her completely."

Attractive man and his young wife with pets, two dogs and a cat, a family portrait.jpg

Pets are Family

Pets are amazing family members, they provide companionship, fun and love.

However, sometimes there can be challenges - sometimes is is anxiety, or signs of possessiveness or 
aggression - sometimes there has been a shift - that you don't understand.. something might feel off.. or you may have times where you are concerned, or even embarrassed about what is going on with your pets...

I, like you, love animals - our family, our pets..
I have had pets my entire life, and I have worked as a professional and as a volunteer with pets for over 30 years...

I am here to help...  call me so I may!

CALL me on 0412-412-881

Or start the Client Intake form 

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