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Grief & Loss

I see your loss and know that there is pain.

I see you

- I am here to help you to hold yourself and others safer

as you deal with loss, grief, pain.

In times  of loss, there is so much to do, 

there is no map for grief,

finding a new normal, navigating a strange dynamic you didn't want

My message is, this change, this pain, some of these moments SUCK,

they are draining and they are exhausting.

I am here to help. 


When we loss someone - our minds will go into a shock, and we will experience many emotions.

There not just one way, or one process to deal with loss.

We can work on what you need to get through this...

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All loss is loss

You don't need to justify your sense of loss, it is yours and it is going to be a process unique to you - to compare yourself to others, or have others compare them process to yours isn't going to be helpful - you need support through your unique processes of finding a new normal that fits your life

Grief is the loss of something you once had, that was once tangible to you.
That is important and precious to you.
I am here to help manage the loss 

You are seen & You will be heard

For those who have experienced loss, 

Loss is hard, whatever the reason for that loss.


I see you.

Loss in life - is grief, where life has been affected

- can be caused by so many things...

The loss of a loved one

A relative, child, parent, sibling,

a friend,  someone significant to you in your life,

many people are very shocked at how deeply the loss of their pets can felt

Loss can feel so painful

It may be the loss of the life you hoped to have,

through the ill health of someone you love or yourself


Loss of you expected life could be via

Illness, accident, trauma or more...

Loss is loss.

It could be the loss of some aspect of your health,

you life, your expectations.

You may be a primary care giver - and exhausted and not knowing what to do next - to help manage the sadness, the pain.

There is help - and you deserve support and help too!

A sudden change in life & expectations

grief and loss is a personal thing

I see you & will help you.

You too are seen

while I help all who grieve - you are not alone

I share this - so that you know - ALL who come to grieve shall be heard.

This is for all who have lost a precious life, precious time, thoughts and plans and hopes for the future..

I hear you 

I see you


You are safe coming to find a path to the release from overwhelming emotional trauma

I am here for you
I see you
I hear you

There is a way forward

Life finds a way


due to a request from a grieving father 

I have placed this here so it can be visited whenever it is needed:

"This is for you bereaved Dads...

I see you.

In the hospital while you await the arrival of your child who will be born silent, I notice how all the nurses direct their attention to the mom. As you stand tall next to the woman you love while inside you are broken.

I see you.

As you hold your significant others hand as she prepares to deliver your child, not one person in the room is noticing your eyes swell with tears, but I do.

I see you.

As your child enters this world silent and fragile. You allow your child’s mom to hold your precious little one first, but your hands shake with anticipation to hold the child you both created.

I see you.

You’re in the hospital room, but the way medical staff overlooks you it starts to make you feel like you are invisible. You wonder do they even know my name?

I see you.

When you have to walk out of the hospital leaving your baby behind your knees feel weak, but you still find the strength to carry your broken partner.

I see you.

You receive cards, gifts and grieving resources but so many are just addressed to the mother. You know your partners pain, and you have pain too - You ache to have your name be included on each item.

I see you.

As your partner goes into shock, and may weep day and night you hold their hand, rub her back and calm her frantic mind. You are left to cry alone for fear of making your partner worry about you.

I see you.

To all dads who have had to lose their child and then are left to feel forgotten in the process. I want you to know you are just as important as the mother.

I’m sorry you have been overlooked or made to feel like the loss of your child is a weight only the mother bears. We are in this together, and we are equal partners.

Just know I see you!"


Credit: Megan Marie Downie (Quora)

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