Pain Management

Chronic Pain 

Separate Pain from Suffering

Your brain can interpret sensations in ways that can make it hard to notice anything else, but the reality is - what you focus on - you feel.
To help those who have been enduring chronic pain, we assist you to change your relationship with pain, so that you can turn down your focus, change down the focus - create new ways to activate the brain body feedback loop so you don't have to suffer anymore.

If you aren't yet aware of limbic retraining - perhaps now it is time to learn and develop techniques that can free you from the suffering of pain...

Brain retraining programs that can offer you a way to calm an overactive limbic system, helping you to access the methods of rewiring the brain so that it prunes away harmful neural pathways and gives you the ability to create new, healthy pathways

Your relationship to pain can change - you can find relief from pain.

Interesting details about the Limbic System

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     6 Ways the Limbic System Impacts  Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health

        March 16, 2019 • By Zawn Villines

"The limbic system acts as a control center for conscious and unconscious functions, regulating much of what the body does.''

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You can stop suffering and be pain free

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