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Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking
Become a Non-Smoker FAST

Get your evidence based 
Stop Smoking Therapy  & Hypnosis 

to Quit Smoking NOW

If you already know all your conscious reasons for wanting to stop smoking, and yet, you can't seem to stop, you might ask yourself 'why?"

The answer is you really need a good workable strategic process that helps you to just stop.  

Clinical Hypnotherapy is probably your best option.

  Schedule an appointment today to make your stop smoking hopes a reality

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So, for you - what is the cost of smoking?
In Australia - the financial cost is HUGE!
An average Smoker - smoking 20 x cigarettes a day of one of the cheapest brands pays OVER
: $34 per day, $242.55 per week, $1039 per month -
OVER $12, 647 per year

(I have provided a link to the SMOKING COST CALCULATOR for you here: 

What are the OTHER costs of Smoking ?
We are pretty sure you already know all of this - but as a refresher:

Social Costs -
Apart from what you could spend what you save from NOT smoking, 
You could also enjoy -

More social events, more fun times you can plan and spend on

The ability to be at a venue without having to "leave for a smoke"
As more friends and family who have quit (& will never smoke) you get isolated more
More plans that you can make and pay for - Events, Holidays MORE
It is less socially accepted to be a smoker

- lots of pressure from family, friends and peers to stop!
Smoke lingering on your breath and clothes are unpleasant
(Bonus - No one bludges a smoke from a non-smoker either)

Social Benefits
By not smoking, you are more ABLE to have more energy to ENJOY things MORE, 

Play more games and sports with your kids and your friends

More ability to join in social events, more fun times 

All venue areas are by definition Smoke Free
More time with family & Friends
So much more!


Health Benefits

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in Australia.

Quitting smoking is associated with better outcomes for many health conditions and diseases.

Your body starts repairing itself as soon as you’ve smoked your last cigarette.

Most people who smoke will attempt to quit several times and are eventually successful - Stop Smoking via the use of Hypnosis is a safe and is very successful**
( **see research for statistic from 86% to 92% of successful outcomes)
 PubMed (National Library of Medicine)- click button for Link


Testimonials - Hypnosis to Stop Smoking:

Of note:  these are some of the people have spoke about the efficacy of Hypnosis to quit Smoking:
Barack Obama

Matt Damon

David Beckham

Angelina Jolie

Tiger Woods

and ......   many more.

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