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Help For Children & Families

Children struggling with anxiety and depression can get help through strategic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy - with quick and long lasting results.

It was estimated conservatively that the rate of anxiety & depression in young people more than doubled during Covid times.

Anxiety and all the many factors that cause children to overthink, overact, withdraw and so many more behavioral concerns was amplified and in many cases, continues to be an ongoing issue for many children tweens and teens.


Most reasons were fairly obvious: Disrupted schedules, inconsistent schooling, social isolation, stressed parents, economic hardship arising from lost jobs and reduced income, and so it goes  on.

Many children, tweens and teens may have already been struggling with mild anxiety and stress before COVID, but the challenges of the last three plus years have heightened some of these issues.

It is apparent that concerned Parents are looking for help with answers, asking what they should be doing, what’s normal, and how they can help their kids navigate life and to start to thrive - to help  prepare them for their future . 

The good news is that there is help for children and that there are resources are available for parents, caregivers, and educators that through good skills building, and guided therapy & coaching that we can provide new healthy thought processes and skill-building opportunities for kids who are struggling. 


There are skills, strategies and processes that are based on clear developmentally appropriate material that aims to help children to build their coping skills in these areas:


  • Understanding feelings

  • Understanding thoughts

  • Managing intense emotions

  • Relaxation skills

  • Mindfulness skills

  • These skills and key ideas allow better purpose & include activities that can be practiced in school or at home.

If you are concerned about your kids - Please act quickly to get your kids the help they may need - the faster we act, the less they will need to struggle or suffer. 


The sooner you can help your kids to develop the skills they need to more easily and successfully navigate life - then the sooner they can start to use these skills to improve their relationships, learning & coping skills in all areas of their lives.

As you know,  the longer anyone continues to repeat patterns of thought based anxiety &/or trauma, the more they could become embedded patterns that are harder to shift to healthier life skills and self healing behaviours and patterns. 


A gentle, compassionate and caring engagement with professionals who can really assist you and your kids is something that can more quickly help you and your kids to have better long term  long term life skills and outcomes!


I absolutely love working with kids, whether younger children, tweens or teens.

The shift towards a better state of mind and being able to leave their past problems behind for a happier  future is a common and amazing state to assist in everyone, with children, it sets a healthier pathway they can use long term.  More skills and peace of mind is a wonderful thing to learn and can serve into their futures. 


Children and their ability to respond positively and rapidly to our integrative therapy is wonderful.  When we work together their ability to integrate new skills and strategies for successfully navigating their world is often more readily adopted - and with guidance, the results help them to have more capability, more structure for accomplishing things and thus more confidence.   They thrive!


If you feel that the family would all benefit from a productive family dynamics session, these can be arranged.  In fact, some clients bring one child and then bring their whole family, because what they saw in one child's rapid improvement, they decided, was something the whole family could get great benefits from too!


The work we do is flexible and fun, kids enjoy the ability to free their mind of concerns and to play with great possibilities - to learn a new way of being, thinking and feeling, all the great - how to enjoy life - and no longer get stuck with worries that used to weigh them down.

If you want to have a free 15 minute consultation to determine the right path for you and your child, just complete the following and give me an idea of your concerns! 


Let’s Work Together

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Just let me know how you or your child are stuck and we can arrange that

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Interoception means sensing internal signals from your body, like when you are hungry, when your heart is beating fast, or when you need the toilet

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