Strategic Psychotherapy - How this helps when combined with Hypnotherapy

What is strategic psychotherapy?

  • Strategic psychotherapy is a form of brief therapy which directs clients to have a quick and effective resolution to their problem. It is both goal oriented and outcome based.

  • This therapy is directly focusing on assisting clients to identify the distinctions about ‘how’ they run certain behaviours.  This ability to determine what their ineffective or inappropriate patterned responses that they will automatically, without thought or choice default to, allows distinctions to change those patterns rapidly and with long lasting results.

  • Clients are able to discover, identify and interrupt and then change  ineffective processes which lead to and maintain their problem patterns/behaviours.

  • Strategic Psychotherapy allow for the learning of new skills and more effective processes, creating better strategies and building a resilience to arm the mind with agility and better processes that lead to better outcomes and more success in all aspects of life.

  • Strategic Psychotherapy is where the use of key discriminating questions reveal problematic thought patters and behaviours you may be running at an unconscious level. These help us uncover what you know, what you don’t know, and what you think you know that just isn’t so – essentially, identifying any gaps in your cognitive skills that can be addressed to help you resolve your problem. Clients report finding this process helpful and allows them to be as insightful, as it is also relieving and encouraging. 

  • The use of Strategic Psychotherapy processes will show you that the problem space is not static & / or permanent -  that there needs to be some processes applied, plus thinking updated to a more resourceful state and that when experiencing 'feeling stuck' was simply that you hadn't yet created a pattern for resolving that issue - but this work helps you get those new, healthier working and patterns in place to free you to live your best life.



How is strategic psychotherapy used in clinical hypnosis?


Strategic psychotherapy when combined with clinical hypnosis allows powerful and appropriate changes to happen in a therapeutic, safe and relaxed state.

The approach is that the client is guided by the therapist through various strategic questions, questions that allow the client to more easily discover their ineffective processes and patterns that keep them stuck in patterns that seem to hold them stuck.


It is these areas where the client feels stuck that contribute to and maintain those undesired behaviours and patterns that are able to then be exposed, the pattern interrupted, and a better process for moving forward developed and sustained..

A thought or pattern cannot exist outside of a clients ability to change them - change the thoughts and patterns and you change your life, for the better - permanently..

If you have ever felt stuck - it is important to know - that action, the act of changing will be the first step, and doing that new better pattern over and over will lead to the patterns that set you free.

I am a therapist who works with you - so -  if you feel you're struggling or suffering from external or internal forces that seem to keep you stuck in bad patterns of decision making &/or behaviours.


I, like you, know there is a way to create better outcomes, & I assist you to discover & use skills & resources that do lead rapidly to better, happier & healthier outcomes.

I am here to help,  take the time to start a new and more successful way to be, contact me mow to start your new, healthier, happier way to be!

Kerry Bailey.


Registered Clinical & Strategic Hypnotherapist, & Strategic Psychotherapist, Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)