Strategic Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Personal Mentoring, Personal & Business Coaching


" I met Kerry while studying with Michael Yapko and was immediately impressed with her ability to cut through to the reality of situations and help people move forward.


Her experience in assisting people to identify unhelpful thought processes, deal with barriers and see potential in situations also helped me declutter my mind with practical tips as well as hypnosis.


She is the Marie Kondo of the mind!


Her extensive business experience both in her own businesses and in the corporate world is similarly beneficial.


She was also able to help me with many practical strategies for the all too common problems facing health professionals moving from the hospital system to private practice.


By using a simple yet powerful analogy she helped me let go of a thought process that was getting in the way of me taking my practice to the next level.


I highly recommend Kerry as a therapist and as a coach for people looking to unlock potential and unblock barriers to create new and healthier behaviours, be they personal or business-related. "

Kate T - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Dietitian 


"I highly recommend Kerry.

Words cannot express how much each session with Kerry means to me. It is her energy and the smile left on my face after each consultation.


She gave me strategies and processes, clear instructions, and content-less hypnotherapy recordings which I can apply to any situation I am struggling with.


Kerry has a great attitude, confidence, and empathy which makes opening up to her very easy and safe"

Maria F - Research Officer


“I highly recommend Kerry. I did hypnotherapy with her and gave me mental clarity I needed to move forward with issues I was experiencing."

Shona F - Independent Apparel & Fashion Professional


“I had the pleasure to study with Kerry and found her ever so resourceful with the knowledge and background that she contributed to my learning. Today Kerry and I continue to network and support each other."

Amanda Dounis - Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist & Councillor


“I have known Kerry for over 20 years as a friend and colleague. When she decided to become a Hypnotherapist it just made perfect sense to me that such a compassionate and caring person would take to the profession like it was meant to be.


In January 2019 Kerry assisted me through a difficult period. We had sessions together over the next months to assist in my mental state, sleep and reframing the bad into more positive and beneficial thoughts.


Kerry has provided me with recordings of our Hypnosis session’s each one was preceded by talking about my issues and then Kerry focused the Hypnotherapy directly to me so that it became a relevant recording that I could use anytime.


I would highly recommend Kerry a consummate professional who loves what she does and makes you feel very comfortable and safe.


Roger Watson

Roger Watson - IT Specialist & Artist


You've Come To The Right Place


I went to see Kerry for a couple of sessions seeking help for low self-esteem, anxiety and alcohol dependency issues.

I felt an immediate sense of deep relaxation from the session. Kerry suggested techniques for me to reset some of my thinking pathways.


This helped enormously. I have already noticed benefits from my sessions with Kerry, and these include a deeper sense of well- being and increased self esteem, as well as being able to lessen my alcohol use, or not even feeling like drinking.


I would definitely recommend her.

Anita M - Client Support Officer (Aust Govt Dept Of Veteran Affairs)