Online therapy via telehealth virtually anywhere!

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Online Telehealth works - & can be used for your Therapy sessions

If you are here, perhaps you are wondering how online therapeutic telehealth session can work for you.

Telehealth based therapy is relatively simple where virtually any video/audio based technology can be used to allow therapist to connect with and help you in a very secure, very private, discreet & confidential way.

There is growing evidence that online therapy is as useful as location based physical face to face therapy - in truth - many clients report that they like the ease and comfort of choosing their own safe home based location when able to do online therapy with their professional online therapist!


So, what technology do you need at your end?

It is simple, most smart phones, tablets, laptops  & even PCs can be used,  so long as you have a
working microphone, speaker, camera and a good internet connection - telehealth can be easy to use.

With telehealth online sessions, you don't need to download or pay for any special applications or programs to make it work.


You can arrange to be at home, in your office or other private location - you choose! 

Logistics are much easier too - No need to find the therapists location, or work out transport, timetables, parking - and the weather won't matter either - you get to be in your own chosen safe place, your private location, and you don't have to make your way from the therapist location home either!  

Clients report that they love the freedom and ease of working with us as an online accessible therapist - and you can enjoy the process too!

Part of the engagement process with your therapist will be an email or a text  (even a socail media DM)  with a link to the session you can link to by just clicking on the link. - and generally you will be in session, working towards your goals more easily than you would have though possible before.

In fact, we have had people who have a smartphone easily logging on to a session, and surprised at how easy it can be done - we will do all we can to make it a simple, easy and 

Over the years, I have had many clients who have easily used our online telehealth sessions.

With clients as young as 7 or into their 80's - located anywhere, whether just down the road, interstate or international, access to telehealth therapy sessions work.

If you are interested in finding out more - please just click on the link provided here to start our Client Intake Form - so we can contact you to arrange that first FREE  15 minute call - so we can determine the best way of helping you...  fast!

For skilled telehealth - You've Come To The Right Place