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Help For Women

As women, the experience of being heard is a varied one.

So often when women present with issues, whether physical, social, mental health related - or other - they find that their concerns are not taken as seriously as they would expect.

Women often get labels that appear and pigeonhole them into some "Emotional category" that isn't helpful.

When you have brain fog, can't sleep well, feel overwhelmed, feel exhausted, you may be popped into a labelled box...

"Well that is expected when you are ....."
A new mother, a young mother, an older mother, working and being a mother, trying to get pregnant, unable to get pregnant, mother of a toddler / teenager /adult,  Going through life transitions & changes, because you are perimenopausal or menopausal or post menopausal - in fact - it often seems to be a 'pick one' moment that happens all the time doesn't it?

For every symptom, there seems to be a ready category to explain it all away... however - the labelling isn't that helpful..

In fact - it can make you feel unseen, unheard - in a place where you and your concerns appear ignored and where you feel you are supposed to ignore these things too..

But you don't feel relief, or hope, you might just feel stuck - and that isn't helpful, is it?

So how do we help you?

We take a full history vis the client intake form, speak with you, discover what is going on, help you see patterns and resolve issues and gain new skills - providing real, proven  strategies, all designed to help you lift yourself into a new way of being.


To better understand yourself, your ways to better manage what you do, and how you do things, so you get to have more agency, and find the way to master the things you can control, so that you can get some rest and support and then better manage the things you can't control, so you feel more in control of you.



Stomach Pain

Doctors referrals are welcome and SydneyHypno works collaboratively with clients, the clients medical team including specialists and therapists when clients give permission in writing to all parties to do so.


Many health specialists are incorporating our services at SydneyHypno to help augment and to more rapidly amplify the beneficial results of the complete health spectrum of clients.


Help is here and when we work together for you, the results can be amazing

Kerry Bailey - Sydney Hypno 

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