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Leadership, modelling the behaviours you want and creating the environment for growth and success.

"Success is peace of mind, knowing you have done your best"

(Coach Wooden - Leadership)

Be the first rate you


Find, or regain and grow your passion for what you want to do....

Together, we will work on what will help you be the best person that you can be, and to become the champion in your own life...

Finding your spark, your enjoyment and combine that with finding your purpose in life and incorporating this into your life and into your career.


When you find your purpose and work at a job you love, you never really have to work a day in your life!

If you want this, when you explore this with a coach, who's goal is to assist you to reach your goals, you can achieve what you want faster, better, I like you, know, the pathway to a better outcome is better travelled with those who support and sustain you, and help show you the better more successful way to the goal.

Imagine the elite athlete, highly successful business person's path, most would have engaged others along the way - got their support,  coaching and mentoring.  If they never had help, they probably wouldn't have hit their goals.....   Coaching engaged earlier gets results earlier - skills get transferred , crafted, honed and become second nature, success is a learned capability, that can then be repeated.


We see examples of people struggling all the time, struggling with their purpose, what they could do better, how they can do better....  they either don't ask for help - or ask others who are struggling to help...  which rarely ever works.

Get to your potential quicker - get the coach and mentor you need, the one you deserve, whether you are a parent , a sportsperson, a business person, or thinking about starting out on any of those paths engaging with a professional now could help you to get the best out of your potential.

Imagine, discovering your goals and reaching your goals faster!

You can do it and I can help you..



I came to Kerry because I was struggling with feelings of overwhelm and a lack of confidence in my abilities.

I had so much going on in my life - working in my PAYE job and in private practice across 3 different locations, my partner and his 2 teenage boys had moved in with me, my sleep was bad and my confidence in my abilities to build my business was fading.

With a mix of coaching and therapy, Kerry helped me to improve my sleep, my time management and recognise the skills and abilities I had.


Once I was able to break down what I needed to do and record it in my diary I was able to understand the control I had of what was happening in my life.


I was able to let go of trying to keep everything I needed to do in my head – so liberating.


It’s like Kerry was the Marie Kondo for my mind!   


And I’m such a convert to using a diary – recording things in my phone calendar just wasn’t working!


With Kerry’s business experience she was also able to help me practically and mentally with moving forward with my business.


From working out the practicalities of moving my consulting location, to helping me plan the future direction of my practice, to realising all that I have to offer to my clients.

I have a clear view of the way forward now.                       


Thank you so much, Kerry, you are an amazing coach and therapist.".


Kate T  ( Mental Health Therapist )


" I saw Kerry to help with a problem of not feeling I had the skills and knowledge to pass my assessment for a course I was attending to start a new career.   


Kerry helped me to see how I wasn’t looking at it as a process of steps.


I was so worried that it was clouding my ability to function properly, and it was stressing me out. 


She helped me to learn to calm down and refocused my thinking, so I was able to successfully complete my course. Thank you, Kerry. "

Lorraine B (Health Professional)

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