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Want Freedom from thoughts and behaviours that keep you stuck? 
Good,  Because you have come to the right place!

Imagine Your Best Life & Make It Happen - Right Now.

You deserve to be happy, healthy and back in control right now.

You DO NOT have to suffer...

You already KNOW it's time to..

Get Help, Stop Suffering & Take Back Control 

Suffering is caused by painful processing patterns

Whether your pain is emotional or physical, 
or a combination of both,

if you have been struggling or suffering
when you are ready to
STOP suffering or struggling

I am here to help YOU now!


“People don’t come to therapy to change the past.
They come to therapy to change the future.”

Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

It is OK, because you have come to the right place now

I am here to help you to stop suffering and to enjoy life more

Your goals are my focus!

Get help now -we can use 
Online Apps, Video Apps, Tele-health, Tele-therapy,
E-therapy Apps 
available right now

My aim is to help you feel better - but importantly - also help you to do better


If you answer "Yes"to any of these questions - I can help you!


Do you feel stuck , isolated, worried - overthinking or anxious? 

Do you have physical or emotional pain keeping you stuck?


Are bad thoughts, fears or feelings stopping you from having your best life?

Do you sometimes wonder how other people seem more free, successful - happier?

Perhaps you want to feel free, to stop overthinking, to sleep better,  feel better & more?


Perhaps you are just struggling with how to things, live better - right?

Perhaps you know you just need some help about 'how' to do better?


If you said "Yes" to any of the above questions - the good news is:


I do know how to help you,  and I will help you - right now...


Together we can make this happen for you  - now...

Stop struggling, get help and feel better - faster  - now!

with Rapid, Transformational Therapy 

The best way to predict the future is to create it...


It is time to begin your new freer more empowered life right now.



Find out more - totally risk & obligation free

Complete your Client Intake Form and you will get a

Free 15 min obligation free chat about 'How' I may help you

( The first 20 Minutes of your first session is also Obligation Free /  Zero risk )


Happier people  just don't  feel stuck, they don't overthink & do feel freer!


Video App Sessions Available now: FaceTime, WhatsApp, ZOOM, & more (Just ask) 

You found me, because I am here to help you - now

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What we do - together

What you might like to know


Hi,  my name is Kerry Bailey,

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Strategic Psychotherapist

& NLP Coach & Trainer.

As a multi-disciplinary, integrative therapist

we use many modalities of therapy to help you rapidly reach your goals.

Working with you, to provide better skills, greater clarity getting you to your personal life goals.

I have been a professional trainer, executive coach & mentor for over 25 years


My mission is to help you to reach your own healthy goals!

I would love to help you on your path to making new healthy,

self directed choices that will serve you better.

I, like you, understand that life can seem so extreme & complex

and that can leave people exhausted & overwhelmed..

feeling stuck. 

However life doesn't have to feel stuck at all!


The good news is your life and feelings can change & improve and

I know how to help you to do this !


We are all a product of the experiences we have & the choices we make, 

sometimes people develop poor patterns of behaviour

& responses based on those experiences.

If you are repeating patterns of behaviour that continue to let you down,

tie you up, hold you back - you possibly feel very caught up in the past

or worried about the future.. stuck...

The good news is our guided therapy & coaching helps you build skills

that can rapidly change poor patterns that can rapidly help you

change your life for the better!

Having a good therapist or coach - a trained professional

can & will help change your life, for the better.

Engaging with professionals therapists whose one goal is to help you

achieve your goals is a great decision to make ,

this can fast track new ways of being that can

help you get what you want from life sooner.

I will help you to develop important processes and skills

that let you move forward with greater clarity,

contentment and happiness and success with your life

So, when you want to really stop struggling with issues,

whether Anxiety, Phobias, PTSD, Anxiety, Grief, Pain,

discomfort, dealing with addictive habits, want to Stop Smoking,

to start living better, 

for assistance to move forward with more clarity,

better strategy and processes when facing major life decisions or changes ...

Whatever your challenges may be -  I can help.

Why wait for your life to start? 

Start your life again - now

 the time is right so contact me

so I can help you, now.


Together we find where you are stuck repeating old patterns of behaviour that don't serve you.

Repeated patterns you perform with no conscious control - that keep you stuck...


Those poor patterns are what is holding you back - making you feel overwhelmed, sleepless, sad.

The question you have is probably "How do I change so I don't suffer anymore?"


The "How" is exactly what we do together in our therapeutic collaboration. 


Get unstuck & freed up now.

We work quickly through the poor patterns - replacing these with healthy, good patterns drawn from your own resources is just part of the "How"


 Together, we create possibility & get you full access to the processes that will show you the freedom &  choice to leave those bad patterns behind, to move forward with successful new strategies.


Behaviours that can serve you, developed & tailored specifically to your life, your goals.

  Learning and applying action to move forward is the key

Helping you to find the right keys at the right time, is what I do.

I’m here to assist & guide you through obstacles you may face, getting skilled so  you can thrive & change as you wish.

"When we break old patterns and replace them with new ones, the old problems - wherever  you found you were stuck - can disappear and then clients move into a new dimension where better things are now not only possible - these better outcomes become predictable."

(Kerry Bailey)

The best way to predict the future is to create it...

lets enhance that creative process for your best outcomes now!

The next step is to arrange to meet, to book a session, to discover how to get going on the changes you want

- so your choice is now to either Call, email, PM, Text, or just start the online Client Intake form - which starts the process of change  - all good options to start!


 For local, interstate & international clients I can use video  apps such as, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook PM, Zoom, Skype, Teams and other methods.

During non COVID times, I am also available to help clients in clinic rooms in Sydney's Inner West.

 I can also see clients by appointment in the Sydney area performing House Calls & Office & Workplace sessions to Coaching Clients ( dependent on a clients needs and location suitability)


I would love to help you on your path to making new healthy, self directed choices that serve you better in the future YOU create  - just contact me now to start this process!

Our process is an Integrative, Rapid & Transformational Therapy Approach

Click on the Button to start your new life now!

Holding Hands

Couples Therapy

If you’re looking for quality Couples Therapy sessions with a certified Hypnotherapist  where we guide clients to implement improved methods to help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters.


Schedule an appointment today and see what I can do for you.

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Stop Smoking Therapy

If you already know all your conscious reasons for wanting to stop smoking, and yet, you can't seem to stop, you might ask yourself 'why?"
The answer is you really need a good workable process that helps you to just stop.  

Clinical Hypnotherapy is probably your best option.

  Schedule an appointment today to make your stop smoking hopes a reality.

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Individual Therapy

In our one on one therapy sessions, we’ll work collaboratively to identify and solve current issues to improve your thinking processes and behaviour.

We will discover how you make distinctions, and where you are stuck, and determine strategies to unblock and unlock where you are stuck to free you.


I will help to find the way to 're-frame' your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to deal with life’s obstacles.


I’m confident you’ll find my personalized Individual Therapy beneficial and inspirational.


Get in touch to book an appointment.

CH&SP - group - laughter - joy - smiles

Family Dynamics Therapy

Feeling concerned about the family dynamic?

Wondering why everyone is so more reactive?

Are there feelings of disconnection?
Have you recently had a family issue, or sadness that seems overwhelming?

Perhaps it is time to seek solutions ,  where you can instigate new more workable methods that can improve Communication and connectedness.


Family dynamics Therapy sessions help clients to develop positive attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances. Contact me today and let me help you find the best in yourself, which facilitates bringing out the best in others.

CH&SP - group hands business -achievemen

Team Coaching

If you are running a team that seems to be stuck in unsuccessful patterns of behaviour, where you know a better process can be worked out and worked on for better outcomes, and you need some third party assessment and gap analysis, and real skills to help get the team back on track by filling in those skills gaps, then ..

I can help.

Call me to discuss your team dynamics, get that team out of a rut , get them unstuck.


Make time to talk through some scenarios to enhance your team strategy and skillsets to hit the goals you need to achieve


Contact me today and lets work together to hit those goalposts.

Woman Laughing

Stop Grinding your teeth (Bruxism) Therapy

Grinding your teeth can cause a lot of problems and being able to stop can prevent issues like headache, sore jaw, neck & shoulder and tooth damage from  developing and relieve many painful symptoms.


Have you been told by a dentist, endodontist or partner that you grind your teeth?


If if you are aware of jaw pain, neck pain, head and other related pain & tension  then it is important to know there is a solution to help you STOP grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw.

Clients report better sleep, more focus and less tension &/or  pain once treatment begins.


" It's been a friendly, and fast process.  

Kerry had helped me to effectively unlock and manage important areas in my life.    Thanks to Kerry I was able to stop my bruxism. Now I can feel my jaw more relaxed.    Thank you"

  - Daniel O (It Solutions Consultant)

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PTSD Trauma Therapy

In our therapy sessions, we’ll work to identify and solve current issues and improve your thinking processes and behaviour.


I will help to find the way to “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to deal with life’s obstacles. 


Leave past traumas behind in the past where they belong.


I’m confident you’ll find my personalized Individual Therapy beneficial and inspirational.


Get in touch to book an appointment.

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Coaching - Individual

The difference between an amateur athlete and an elite athlete is usually due to finding the right coach to help you recognise what is working and enhance that aspect of your performance, and distinguishing those areas that need work, or need to be changed - to give you the winning edge needed to get to the top of your chosen field.

When you know you can be better but feel stuck, seeking the right coach is your next best step.


Contact me to find out more!


" I highly recommend Kerry as a therapist and as a coach for people looking to unlock potential and unblock barriers to create new and healthier behaviours, be they personal or business-related. "

KT -Sydney Australia 

Woman Hugging Dog

Family Based Pet Therapy - Dog
Dog Behavioural Work
(Inc Integration of a mix of new family members/pets)

Family based pet therapy available for your dog  (& other pets) is based on the dynamics that influence your dogs behaviour.


Often your dogs behaviour is a barometer for what is going on in your life.

As a therapist who has been involved with animal rescue and helping families integrate healthy family dynamics with dogs for over 30 years.  I can help you to have amazing outcomes for you, and your pets behaviour from the first session.  

Testimonial - Barb M Y - Manly NSW

" I love what U do! .. It is wonderful - I have worked with ppl but this really moved me.  Helped me to see how energy (i.e. our sadness has affected our family).

It's great.  Little Honey is truly a blessing.  Happy to recommend you - it's truly great work for all the family"

A Couple & Their Cat

Family Based Pet Therapy - Cat
Cat Behavioural Work

(Inc Integration of a mix of new family members/pets)

Family based pet therapy available for your cat (& other pets) is based on the dynamics that influence your pets behaviour.


As a therapist involved with animal rescue for over 30 years & experience working in cat rescue, I can provide support and therapy for those who may be dealing with cat behavioural issues.


Helping families integrate healthy family dynamics and addressing even complex cat behavioural concerns.

Together,  I can help you to have excellent outcomes for you, and your pets.

This therapeutic capability takes the form of an holistic approach to helping you with solutions for your unique cat & family situation

(Short consults available - please call for more information about this service)

(Working With CatRescue 901 for over 10 years as a consultant for issues)


cat sleeping,cat sleeping in a human arm

Pet Loss Grief therapy

Compassionate Therapy & Care


If you are dealing with the potential loss of your pet, or you have sadly lost your pet and feel in need of support, I would like to help.

Often the loss of a pet can hit harder than many other losses.

It can be a shock and overwhelming to lose a this extremely close family member who has always been there for you with their total & unconditional love, yet, often those suffering loss and grieving over a pet family member, don't get the support & acknowledgment of what is a true, real and huge loss to them.


I understand such loss, and I volunteered on a Pet Loss site for many years, and will work to help and guide you through this time.  Schedule an appointment today to be understood and to be heard.

If loss and grief feel overwhelming and you understand that the process of healing may really be something you want to have some help to work through properly,  It may be the time to contact me now. 

Let's work through the process and get life back on track for you and your family.

Attractive man and his young wife with p

Compassion Fatigue Therapy

Compassion Fatigue is debilitating and dangerous.


To those who are suffering overwhelm and feeling bombarded with things that are beyond their control.
It is possible to get your life back to normal with healthier processes. 

Many professionals and volunteers find that despite their amazing efforts and huge compassion, that no matter how much they do, or how much time or energy they spend,  that this effort 'never seems enough".

Sadly many Doctors, Nurses, Veterinarians, Vet Nurses, Police and other emergency services heroes can feel overwhelmed, as do so many selfless, compassionate volunteers and rescuers, as their boundaries and limitations are breached by the apparent neverending tide of the caring work they do.

It is my passion to help those who may suffer PTSD &/or Compassion Fatigue to be more safe, to have an ability to create important self care boundaries and distinctions that will allow them to do their important work, but , importantly, no longer suffer because of that important and vital work that they do.


To start a healthy plan of self care, contact me to discuss this process.   (Workshops & Group Therapy Available) 

Benefit from my professional experience and wide range of therapeutic services provided with compassion and care for all members of your family.

Video App Sessions Available now: FaceTime, WhatsApp, ZOOM, & more (Just ask) 

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m:  0412-412-881

Life can feel so much richer and so much better for you and those you love,  when you have  successful life skills and  healthy productive processes and patterns. 


My focus is on tailoring a solution for you to gain those healthy life skills and patterns through our sessions


Contact me today to learn more and book a session.

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Inner West  (Marrickville & Wolli Creek client rooms) - Mobile to Client Locations in Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Interstate & International Client sessions via Video Apps ( i.e.,  WhatsApp, ZOOM,  FaceTime, Skype & more)

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Professional / clinical supervision of practitioners or students in the modalities included and selected in selected modalities section of the proposal form. 3. Provision of any therapy or training or teaching services in workshops, classes, conferences, presentations or retreats in the modalities selected. 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These techniques rely on physical touch, including the sensation of brushing down the arms, back, hands, and/or face to calm both the body and the mind.

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Opening Hours

By Appointment Only

Mon to  Fri: 9am - 7pm

Sat:    11am - 5pm

Sun: Closed unless special appointment


Mobile location visits available (By agreement)

Sessions available now Via Video Apps such as:,  FaceTime,  WhatsApp,  ZOOM,  SKYPE, & others - just ask

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