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Purpose: Where Passion, Profession, Vocation and Mission meet - Have you found yours yet?

In those times of reflection, have you ever looked at what you have been doing, really review what has occupied your time, your mind, your efforts and wonder 'What am I doing this for?' and also 'Why am I don't this?' They may be thoughts you never have - or it may be thoughts you try to avoid. The reasons it can be hard to contemplate such things are perhaps the reasons we might avoid such thoughts, or perhaps we just think that whatever it is we are doing is just something you must do, that you have to do, that you don't have much choice in the matter - and that you can think about it later - some other time... But - what if the time you need to take to think about this is right now, today... not a thought for tomorrow or another day - that never seems to arrive.

What if the truth is - you do have a lot of choices, that you can make decisions that make you more fulfilled, self directed - happier? The thing is, we need to make some time in our day for thoughts that will allow us to uncover our deepest goals, by revealing to ourselves first - what is a real purpose for me. Goals are something we need to identify at some point, so we can see them clearly and divine a pathway to those goals. A goal without a purpose doesn't always feel achievable, as it is often your identified purpose that will drive you more enthusiastically and energetically towards those goals..

Finding your purpose allows your drive to feel more effortless, as it can help to grease the wheels of your personal industry and make the process easier, fulfilling, self directed. So - the questions become: How do I find my purpose? How do I more effectively create goals? How do I then navigate pathways to my goals?

But first are you ready to...

Are you ready to really find your purpose? Are you ready to really feel happier and in more control?

Are you ready to really start progressing towards your goals more easily?

If you have struggled with wanting to do this - and knowing how to do this - perhaps it is time to consider a coach who can help with this.. The different between average and exceptional is often about tweaking performance, finding strengths and playing to those and finding a more distinct winning style. Competitive athletes, business leaders and teams know the advantages of having coaches and they use them strategically.

It may be time to find the right coach for you. If you would like to know more - to get a coach who has skills in business, management and is also a qualified therapist - to get you through the hurdles and humps you may encounter.. Perhaps today is the time to call me to discuss where you are feeling stuck - and to discover there is not only release from struggles, and in fact there is an ability to launch yourself and your team in the right direction with manageable, achievable and amazing results! Contact me today:

M: 0412-412-881


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