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Palliative Care can be a time to heal, correct and connect

The inevitability of our deaths is something we do not wish to dwell upon, and rightly so.

Life is about living and we can and should focus on life being lived to the full, with passion and energy.

However - many of us will be involved in the care of someone who has reached a time where their age or illness affects them and where they will do best in the care of others.

It is a fact that all through our lives, we can find ourselves performing different roles, as carer or cared for. Whether as a parent, child, friend, relative, neighbour, we have given and received care from others.

In those roles we can provide help and support to others as they transition through times of their lives, it is what we as humans offer to each other, relationship, support, care.

Sometimes, we will be the carer givers, or we will be the one who needs care all through the transitions of life from birth through childhood, adolescent, adulthood and into our elder years, we can be both care givers &/or care recipients at any time, deservedly, during those times,

Palliative care is often misunderstood because of associations with death - but it is actually about living well, with more quality of life at the end of life. I have a perspective as one who has lost ones I love. I have been with them through that transistion time to end of life time. Some with the benefit of palliative care and others who hadn't wanted to take that step into managed end of life care ..

From my perspective, I wished that the choice to enter into professional palliative care had been chosen by those who had been fearful of that step, or who had put off that choice to the point it was only a last minute thought or option they could exercise.

For when they didn't choose the palliative care route - not only the patient could not take advantage of the support and care of that process, others around them - family and friends, also, may have in some way, unnecessarily suffered too.

Being present, really present to the relationships and connection and so many levels of healing can be enhanced and supported when end of life is compassionately and professionally managed - palliative care workers have been amongst the most connected and compassionate people I have had the privileged to observe and work alongside.

It was often this care that meant a gentle transition not only for the person who was at end of life, but also those who were around doing their own supportive care - who could also benefit from the professional support their loved one receives by palliative care specialists.

If you, or someone you love is needing help, I am here in a capacity to help.

I do understand. call: 0412-412-881 With care and compassion for you all,


At some point we all will come to an end of life scenario, after all - when it comes to reality - as my father who passed away in 2019 - the day before my birthday always said: "none of us are getting out of here alive - so lets all make the best of life, right now, in every moment" - this was always said with a twinkle of knowledge that life was to be cherished and lived. For a man who passed just before his 83 birthday, it was amazing to remember that he had been told he would never live to be 35, he was also told he would not make old bones, he loved that he had proved 'them' wrong.. and that he had outlived many of his treating specialists who had been so dire in their predictions - so his perspective of living life was never dulled and only enhanced by the proposition - that life was finite - in fact life was to be treasured always.

Palliative care is possibly an issue that will affect all of us in some way, at some time, with someone who shares in some way with our lives.... this person could be a friend, a family member, a neighbour or even a patient.

What is important is that all who live in Australia know that these amazing services are available - in home care - in a special live in unit for that time, when end of life approaches.

It is OK to have these discussions, to think ahead and understand that your GP, your family and your friends can all benefit from knowing what you want, what you know and learn when you are healthy and well, can serve you and those around you well, as you and I progress through life.

Palliative care professionals are here to help. I have assisted with patients and the family and friends of patients who have entered into care. Helping to negotiate the their way around difficult times and transitions, found peace and freedom from unnecessary suffering. Freedom from phobias, fears and anxiety, Assistance with sleep, to give peace from overthinking and to find a way to negotiate transitions with a sense of strength and grace.

If you wish to understand how this support could help you or someone you love, perhaps now is a good time to start that process.

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